Friday, February 21, 2014

Well it’s been a while since anything exciting has happened around here. We normally volunteer in the warehouse, sorting items as they come in, but this weekend is the big BBQ so it's all hands on deck to be used where needed. The BBQ is sponsored by the Optimist Club (OC). The OC has been doing this as a fund raiser for Sunshine Acres (SA) for over 40 years.

They start with over 1000 lbs of beef, then cut it into chunks using a band saw.

Then they spice and wrap the meat into aluminum foil sheets. This whole process takes about 8 people about 7 hours.

Once all the meat is prepared, it is placed inside a basket

and lowered down inside and inground fire pit (about 5' x 8'). 

As they were installing the fire bricks someone forgot to use mortar between the concrete wall and bricks. Everyone is hoping they do not collapse. (update, the walls did collapse, but they were able to get the cage of meat out.)

Anyway, after they lowering the basket/cage inside, a lid covers the pit and about 2 feet of dirt is placed on top. The cooking process will take bout 24 hours.  Then the will be lifted out with the help of a front end loader and prepared to be served.