Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time Slowly Passing in Mesa

Well it has been over a week now since we landed at Sunshine acres. The work is easy and mostly without stress. The only stress is what you make it. Over in the warehouse, it is mainly sorting items as they come in. Across the way, it is organizing linens, clothes, electronics and housewares prior to their hitting the sales floor. 

Susan, as always, is very organized and jumps right in making excellent decisions on whether to keep an item and how to price it.

Sorting of incoming "stuff", is a little different.  There is a decision making process, but only 1 or 2 people know what that is. Once someone explains it, then I can make those snap decision, which are the best ones. Take Christmas items, if it is worth $5 to you then keep it, otherwise trash it. Some people take too much time in deciding the issue. 

During this time, I have spent time in repairing the generator Pre-Heat/Start switch. I removed the captain's chair to access the kick panel on the left side.

 I spent time cleaning and straightening up the wire harness.

As you can see everything is now better organized. I also located a source of air leakage, which I plugged up. All in all it was a successful project.

Oh least I forget, today and Sunday is the big book sale over in Phoenix. This is the largest single book sale of its kind in Phx. Every single type of book can be found there. 

When we lived here I would go every year and purchase books of all kind, but now that we live full-time in the rig. We have no room. Anyway if you are in Phx in mid-Feb. do check it out. 

Remember Alfa owners, April is the Casa Grande Rally.

Anyway safe travels from Susan, Della, Tilly and me.
Da Girls Rv S/N 1084