Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Castaic, Ca., to Fontana, Ca., to Quartzsite, Az., to Yuma, Az.

We left Castaic on the 3rd arriving in Fontana at Leisure CoachWorks. We/I decided to have LCW look at the split line on the Rv, as the lower panel was slipping down. Since they are the most familiar with the Alfa brand I felt this was needed.

While there we used the extended service plan for a few other items Vs. going someplace else. This decision proved to be very beneficial, in cost and work completed. We were very happy with the outcome on the work.

By the time work was completed is was near 4:30, we could have spent the night, but decided to head east on I-10. Amazing traffic was not too bad, so we continue to roll on eastward bound. Next thing we were pulling into Ehrenberg, Az., Chevron Fuel station were we refueled the Rv.

Once refueling was done, we were only 20 miles from Quartzsite. We decided to head out and meet up with friends at the Alfa Dry-Camping site located 1.75 miles from the entrance of LA Posada North entrance. Boy was everybody surprised, we must have rolled in around 9 pm. All in all not bad timing or driving. But I am going to do what Susan suggested. CHANGE THE HEADLIGHTS.

We setup and went to bed. Morning came and we re-position the Rv and said our good morning and see what was needed. Dwight, had been having generator problems along with Hydro-Hot and was nowhere close to fixing either of them. Both John and Dwight were stymie as to what was going on.

Luckily we have brought our portable so he could get his batteries back up to full level, while we continue to determine what was wrong. Some reading and 15 minutes later I have traced it to a area. Now it was left to Dwight to get to the components and verify. This time I was right on, Dwight was able to cleanup and free the brushes on the generator rotor. Once installed we have voltage, but it continued to shutdown.

We also notice starter was very weak, since I had one, suggested he change it and get that working. By Friday morning, everything sounded better, but still was shutting down. Before we left, I made a few suggestion to try. Dwight tested me as Susan was driving and after a phone call, he now has a running and working generator. YEA.

I do believe I am now a very good expert on how the Generac Generator system works.
We arrived in Yuma at Sven and Sharon’s casa. I had sent an email seeing if there was room at there Casa. Sven replied Mi Casa Tu Casa. We arrived just after 11 am, This time it was easy backing up, and setting up.

We sat outside talking and planning on the Alfa Roadrunner Rally in Quartzsite among other things. You might ask why S&S? Well we had placed many orders and all the packages were coming. This way, if they did not arrive while we were here, we knew Sven would be coming to Q, and he would bring them up.
We also completed a 2 mile walkabout with Sven and Sharon, as normal now photos from out walkabout:

So, so now we are all caught up and what, where and when. Not quite the 5 “W’s” we learned as engineering practices, but close enough.

Tilly, Dakota, Susan and me
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