Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sun and Solar

Since we have returned, we have been very busy. Cleaning, arranging, repairing and just plain busy.

So, with a little time, some friends decided to request some help in adding solar to there coaches.

This is what 1300 watts look's like, when we started this project:

As time went on the job looked a little more like this:

And we continued to mount and raise the panels to the roof, and then with lots of assistance we laid them out and started mounting them to the roof.

As you can see I have some great assistance in doing this job:

Then it was time to shift down to the ground, as I might say a little safer too.

We continue with the installation of the solar charge controller along with breakers, cables and all the necessary equipment.

Once we completed the Solar Charge Controller it was time to wrap up and put the tools away.

But wait, whats this, you want what? A new Magnum Hyper Installed, You Got to be Kidding?

Oh well,, it's only time and money, lots more time.

We wrapped up to day, but will save a little work for down south.

Above was just a little sample of what we achieved. Our final test was at 12:30 pm, we plugged in a 1500 watt heat gun, our high was 1250 watts.

A big shout out to my new assistance's Chuck Charles and Keith Freebern, they both have now been certified solar installers.

In all we installed 10 panels. Charlie and Chuck each received 1,315 watts of solar. I removed 2 of my older panels and installed 2 new ones, with an additional one to be installed next week.

Susan, ​Dale, Tilly & Dakota
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Alfa - Work & Training

So, when Will and Karen arrived at Palm Creek (Dec 2017), they had a problem with the Atwood Electric Level Leg with Sensor. So, who do they call? Well not Ghost Busters, but you guess it me, the Alfa buster. 

As of right know I am the expect in the Level leg construction and why the legs themselves have problems. After hemming and hawing around, Will got me to remove the one jack, and then I dis-assembled it, and found a bad jack-screw assembly and no way to repair it. 

Bummer, as a new 7.5 K 15 inch travel was over $1000. In our search we found a new 7.5 K 13 inch travel was $399. Hum? What to do. Well, Will order 2, new 13 inch travel legs and on Tuesday, after helping him replace his engine batteries (4 years old and out of warranty), I went to work on replacing the legs.

The passenger side went quickly, the driver's side well, I told him, he should be glad I did not unfriend him. However I now have a process for removal and re-installation. making the job better for a 1 person.

In all, his level system is now operational and the coach will now start. In all I was there from 10 am, until 2 pm. 

My best approach is to better understand, I need to work on someone else Rv so I can learn these systems.

Photos you might ask? No, I did not have room for a camera underneath the Rv. 

I next item I will do for him is combined his batteries and rewire his Pathmaker eliminating 1 or 2 cables.

Also on my agenda, is helping 2 Alfa owners install 1200 watts of solar. This will be a boom to them as they both want to reduce generator usage while dry-camping. I have made some changes in my drawings for this operation and now almost have it down to a plug and play. Notice I said almost, as there still is some drilling, screwing and removing some excess material. 

Oh,, I forgot to say the best news for last. Will and Karen, have decided to sell there house in Utah, and go Full-time while they downsize and find there Plan B home. You may ask why?   It was not talking to me, but there life style has changed and they like the programs at Palm Creek. With so many activities to do, they now find themselves with little time left over. 

Ok, some I am done with this post. Except for this last saying;

Happy Valentine to  my beautiful wife Susan.


Susan, ​Dale, Tilly & Dakota
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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Running of the Gourds

So, this being Saturday, we decided to head over to the Pinal County Fair grounds for the Gourd Festival.

Both of us never realized, just what you can do with these gourds.

While we were there, Susan stated she would have to buy one, if, that is if, we could find one as a roadrunner.

Now to keep you up to date, we have been talking about a lot in the Foothills area of Yuma, Az. We decided to make a few calls, and we can across this lot:

Press Here 

So, we have decided to make an offer and after discussions, the owners have decided to accept our offer. Now this does not mean, we will leave the Rover’s Roost Area, after all we have too many friends in the area. Plus a storage unit and of course between Tucson and Phoenix.

As I was writing this, everything has been confirmed by Email. Electronic signatures, ain't it great. 
Susan, ​Dale, Tilly & Dakota
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Aka Dakota & Tilly
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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Walk-a-About in Ajo or Journey Back In Time

On Feb 2th, we headed to the little town of Ajo, Arizona. We learned that during this time in this town, there is a Fiddling Convention. This is the 40th year of the convention and the 13th year at the Ajo Country Club.

Sharon, Sven, Susan & myself had heard about and after much discussion (oh about 1 minute) we decided this would be a fun place to head to and check it out.

Sharon & Sven left early Friday morning, while Susan & I headed to Los Algodones Mx. This was our annul trek for dental work, Susan could finish up her inlayes /crowns & me for cleaning. This was a in and out trip, no buying drugs or alcohol this time.

We left the Novion’s digs around 12:30 ish, and header to Ajo. Susan was at the wheel first and we switch drivers around mid-way, where I brought us into the Country Club.

Rv parking $5.00 a day (dry-camping), entry fee to each event $5.00 per event. Watching and listening – Price-less.

Friday afternoon and night was spend trying out the fish dinner served by volunteers at the CC and the dance and listening to the fiddling music.

We spend Saturday morning walking around Ajo town square, during the morning market, enjoying homemade burritos, and seeing the different artists in the square. We also picked up a pamphlet about a walking tour of Ajo. We learned about the town, history, and homes. We also learned about the Mexican and Indian side of town. Even though the Mine Company tried to destroyed the area and hide it. The community came together to bring it back into the public light.

When we arrived back, Dakota & I spent a little time on a Walk-a-About in the country club area:

But then it was time to return to the main event, where there were many categories; Adult, Senior, Senior Senior, Young Adult, Child & Junior.

Fun was had by all, watching and listening as everyone that came on stage, received many awards from the crowd. Sunday came and it was time to leave and head back to where it all began. Us to Casa Grande and Sven, Sharon to Yuma. We made our goodbyes and each Rig headed out.

We don’t know when we will see each other, but we have enjoyed our time together.

So, I leave you with this short video 

Susan, ​Dale, Tilly & Dakota
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Aka Dakota & Tilly
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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Big Tent and Tyson Wells

Big Tent and Tyson Wells review:

So my Love and I went shopping and walking around "Q" on Friday. We were dissappointed, with what we saw. Vendors were down, areas were closed off due to lack of vendors and attendances was down. 

However along our walk and drive we did see some unique items:

I was able to capture a few photos of An Alfa Swallowing up an Alfa Owner:

Then capture a gathering of Alfa Owners:

Our final photo was something we all can relate too:

The last shot - just follow the signs

Susan, ​Dale, Tilly & Dakota

DaGirls Rv Travels
Aka Dakota & Tilly

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