Friday, July 20, 2018

Final Day

Thursday, (July 21), was the day, that we would travel and continue to travel until we crossed the border into the USA.

Using the Ezborder Link, we took Ca 39 (Moose Jaw), and headed southeast. This lasted about 45 miles, where we turned south onto Ca 35 and headed directly to the Ca/USA border crossing. Not only did we make good time, the road was good and the border crossing easy, as there were no other vehicles in front or in back of us. 

We left around, 7:15 MSDT, from Gull Lake, Saskatchewan (Sk). 

The time frame for Saskatchewan is a little different, as part of it matches, MDST, but Saskatchewan is in CDST. We awoke early and headed east and continued on the Trans Canada Highway 1. As we continued our traveles, we were amaze at the expanse of the area was:

As we continued along the Trans Canada Hwy, we spied a unique sight, something I did not think we would see. The photos below are Snow and Ice on a lake, yep and it was only 66 degrees outside:

But we prevailed and continued on.  
We arrived in a town called Barthold, ND. About 4;30 pm CDST, 40 miles west of Minot. We are staying at the Barthold RV city park. 30 amps, water and sewer. This is a 1 restaurant and 1 bar & Grill town. But it is also a town were you can leave your golf cart outside with your gold clubs and 223 Rifle in the rifle rack:

So, after a brief time, getting setup and settled it was down time. Along with a small dinner and since we now have good internet without the Verizon slow-down, we can upload photos:

Our final word ......................Diesel at $3.09 per gallon.

Safe Journeys and Travels
DaGirls Rv AKA Dakota and Tilly
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Catching up–July 19

Do to Verizon so called Text, Voice & Data while in Canada or Mexico, my posting were limited so as to not loose out when we really needed it.

So, we left you, lifting off from the Planet Vulcan and returning to planet Earth and finally landing in the Alberta town of Drumheller:

Press Here for a brief introduction

First day, get setup in an RPI park ($24 Ca), for us, all others upto $60 Ca. Mighty expensive, but this is a camping destination and dinosaur destination.

First night in town was music and cars, along with seeing the many dinosaurs located around the town. To save space and time, I will be posting a link to an album containing all the photos at the end of this post.

We went across another ferry, the ferry was almost as long as the river it crossed, but it has been in existent for many long years.

Press here for link and photos

Our coming here, was two fold, see Drumheller and re-visit with her Canada Cousins. Who knows how long it will be for the next visit.

We traveled to the Royal Tryell Museum, this definitely was a place to see, with the many exhibits on display. Wow what displays they were.

But,, Wednesday, July 18th came and it was time to say goodbye and start our wayward journey back to the USA. This time we are heading southeast and then along Canada Highway 1, east. Our trip will take us thru Alberta and Saskatchewan, where we will head south to a USA/Canadian Border Crossing. When deciding on location I use this website:

Press Here for Link 

I find good info, especially on road conditions leading to the border.

Safe Travels & Journeys
DaGirls Rv AKA Dakota & Tilly
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Rocket Boosting and landing at Drumheller, Ab. Update with Photos

We boosted off around 0930 from the Planet Vulcan. I missed the photo-op of the Starship Enterprise as we were leaving.

As I noted this, but adding a few pounds of air to the right front. Oh well, next time we come thru.

We boosted up (July 12th), and then headed back to planet earth, where we landed on AB Hwy 23, heading north. We drove thru the city of Strathmore. A good truck stop is corner of AB Hwy 817 & 561, Northeast, diesel prices are running 123.9 / liter. Did we pick up any? Nope, but we learned fuel is better value in Alberta then B.C.

We headed east out of Strathmore, on Hwy 561, until we turned north on Hwy 56. All the roads we traveled that day were in excellent shape.

Few photo ops as we mostly saw fields of Canola – bright yellow. Along with field oil pumps and oil drillers.

Once in town, we saw many dinosaurs, just standing on the corner. I think they were waiting on buses, but of course we did not see any buses. We made a turn heading west on Hwy 838, were 11 Km., out we located our CG. We are located in a nice treed spot, water in the back along with 30 amps, sewer & water. Good walking for the pups and us. A doggie area – fenced in. Along with friendly people.

Our short plan, stock up, clean up and prep for family – the Canadian side of the Moore Family, who will be arriving on Sunday and Monday for another cousin cerebration. Another plus is Irene and Armand are coming down from their camp-hosting job up north on Saturday for a few hours.

Today, (Saturday), we are heading to town for the Farmers market. So, feeding, walking and getting ready will be the prime items for now.

Press Here for Photos

July 11, Overnight on the Planet Vulcan - Updated with Photos

On Wednesday, somehow we landed on the Planet Vulcan, as seen by these photos;

Press Here for Photos

Even though the planet is based on logical order and thinking, we were amaze at the many campgrounds in the area. One on Hwy Ca 23, a free (Dry camping) large enough for DaGirls, and a city park, FHU (30 amps), for $25 Ca.

We chose the City Park, easy walking distance to town, and the golf course. Wed. was a good afternoon for a walk down town, even though it was 5 pm time where all the stores were closed, but still early enough to see the Tartus (with a dial tone), Transporter, Scotty, Spock, and a few other Star Trek crew.

Due to the band width and the story they have told me at the campground (what a story – never believe the campground on Wi-Fi), there will be no photos for now. Watch for updates – with photos uploaded.

Safe Journeys and Travels
From DaGirls Aka Dakota and Tilly
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

UPDATE -On Da Road to DrumHeller, Alberta-UPDATE

Moyie Lake PP - Is Dry-Camping and NOT BIG RIG Friendly, Max length 30 Ft

When we were on our way back to the lower 48 States from Alaska. We meant, to head over to Drumheller and see the relic's. Dinosaurs bones that is.  This time I talked Susan into going and re-visiting her cousins.

After spending 3 might in Coeur d'Alene, Id., we figure it was time to get on Da Road and continue to journey. Currently we are on US-95, heading north. Our border crossing will be at the Eastport crossing. You can read up on Border Crossing at the link:

Press Here – Ezborder Crossing

Our current plan, re-fuel in Bonners Ferry Crossing, then locate a USPS to mail a letter, and then continue on. Our distance today from the Elk’s lodge, is 150 miles to a provincial park called Moyie Lake, ML has 110 sites with most on them with electric. Cost $35 Ca.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I am writing this as we travel, with Susan at the controls. Our trip today will carry us into a little rain. Highway is good with various sights along the highway.

A few Photos from Couer'd'Alene - Press Here 

So, Safe Travels and Journeys
from DaGirls Rv Aka, Dakota and Tilly
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Moses Lake, Wa. to Coeur d'Alene, Id.

After spending 7 days with Alfa friends Jane and Dave Petersen, it was time to move on. We enjoyed each other company, met, theit 2, daughters, son-in-law, and 5 grandchildren. 

Played Mexican-Train, let Jane win, while Susan had the highest score of all.  Dave and Jane took us on a tour of the area, explain the crops, and the lay of the land. Went to the Dam and found a book-store along with a quilt shop.

Had dinner at the Elk's lodge, rode on the lake, spotting for Jessie while the grand-children rode a floatie behind the boat. 

Worked on Dave's & Jane new 06 Gold, combining the battery banks along with identifying why the front Air Bags did not inflate. Dave was able to order a new Height Control Valve. Oil changed in the truck, and just plain had fun. 

But Saturday came and it was time to leave. First problem, slide was out of kilter, causing a section of molding to break, then my cell phone took a 7 foot plunge. But we were able to leave and get on the road. 

We stop at an east bound rest-stop to dump, and then continued into Coeur d'Alene, where we pulled into a Holiday Fuel stop and topped off. 

Next thing you know, we had an alarm going off and notice it was the Low Air Alarm. Saw both gauges were down. Primary (Front) 75 & Secondary (Rear) 60 psi. We fast idle the engine, and still the  air was not coming up to the required 115 psi. We spied a parking lot across the street and moved over just in time before we loss almost all the air in the front air bags. I extended the levelers and then we just sat back. We discuss our situation and decided on a course of action. Started the engine fast idle up to 1500 RPM's was the air come up, but still not enough to help. Shut it down and started walking around and listing for leaks. Nothing heard, re-tried, but this time i crawled under and notice a sound from the Haldex air dryer, and felt air coming from the relief valve. 

Called the 24/7 Freightliner help line, placed on hold, left message, Susan was spending time trying to locate Rv/Truck service shops getting ready to call Good-Samand and especially keeping me calm.   

In the end after a few phones calls and me crawling under the Rv, I found the relief valve was bad, then it was onto finding a replacement. Since Freightliner did not have the part number, I located the part number on the Haldex web-site. A 40 mile round trip to Napa in Spokane Valley, to a NAPA. 2 minutes and $20 later we were on our way back. 

5 minutes later, the part installed, engine started and running, the air gauges came up quickly, and we were heading to the Elks lodge. 

Note; for want of a $20 part, we were stopped in our tracks. 1 Rv/Truck service shop could not do anything until Wed., said to call back on Monday. Without air, towing was out, and would be very difficult as the wheels would rub on the inner lining, of the wheel well.

We would still have been in the parking lot, if it had not been for Dave. Remember he had a air problem? Well I spent a few hours reading up on the air system and looking over drawings. If I had not spent the time, studying, we would still have been in the parking lot. I do not do stress very well under these cases. 

In all we were spent over 3 1/2  hours getting our Rv up and running. Then we spent over 2 hours at Costco trying to get a inexpensive phone to replace the one that took a 7-foot dive off a ladder. In all, it was a exciting day. 

And a special thanks to Susan my wife and love of my life, for without her, we possibility would still be sitting in the parking lot waiting. 

So, until the next time;

Safe Travels and Journeys 
from DaGirls Rv, AKA Dakota and Tilly
Susan, Dakota, Tilly and me

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Moses Lake–Washington or Drive way Camping

We arrived at jane and Dave’s house on Saturday, after spending a wonderful week with the Weber’s., We spent our last day together going to the Pioneer Days festival. Enjoyed watching a parade on the main street, and then heading over to the Eagles for lunch and stroll around the area..

Cle Elum Pioneer Days Parade

Once we arrived back, it . was locked and loaded, Dakota and Tilly out for a few last minutes of running, and we were off. We topped off our fuel, got on I-90 and stopped at a rest stop for a complete dump of the tanks.

Once done, we headed east to Moses Lakes, as we traveled, we remarked about our wonderful down time at Cle Elum, and knew it was time to Rock and Roll down on Da Road for our Northwest Adventure. 

Dakota and Tilly have been have fun time everywhere we go. With open spaces to roam, and wonderful people to meet. They just cannot believe the freedom they have been allowed to enjoy, Truly Koko and Della sprit lives inside them.

Ok, time to halt what I am writing except to say, close friends, have decided to pull the trigger and purchase an Alfa for traveling – they recently made an offer and are awaiting word.

Moses Lake

Safe Travels and Journeys
DaGirls Rv aka Dakota & Tilly
Travel the highways.
Susan, Tilly, Dakota and me