Return Air Vent Mod
Purchase a Return Air Filter Grille, 14x20 In, White

Cut a piece of cardboard for template.
Draw a cut line on the wall next to bed. 

Trial fit with new filter  

Job Done

Bathroom Cabinet

Google Cloud Server with all of my Alfa information.

Alfa Motor Homes (Main)

Sub - Folders


Instructional Doc


Mods to our 03

Roadrunner Info

Wiring & Schematic

Figure 1 List of all Folders

Yahoo Groups – How to Post a New Topic

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This will take you to the specific Group called "AlfaSeeya"
This is the home page, the way you can tell is what the photo is at the top.
For this Group Web it is a bicycle rider. Under the photo and to the right is a Blue Button titled
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If you want to change the subject, Please Do Not Change the Subject Line, instead return to the Home Page and Post a New Topic. In this way we can keep track of the Problems, Issues and Suggestions for our Alfa’s.
To do this (from where you are), goto the photo (Man on Bicker) and hover your mouse (cursor), where you see the titled "Alfa See Ya Motorhome. When you do that a line will appear under the title. Now click on the line. This will then return you to the Home Page, where the "New Topic" button will come back. As I stated, the "New Topic" button can only be access from the Home page.
You can create a New Topic for each Yahoo Group in this manner.

2002 SeeYa Modifications

Alfa Vehicle Weights

Alternator Install

AC Trouble_Shooting

ACME Dash Air Conditioner – Added 12/3/2014

CAT Engine

TM-16HD Compressor with 8 groove pulley, $250.

Accumulator/dryer = $30

Freon = 3 lbs Cost $5 a pound

Time = 1 hour for vacuum and charge

Time = removal/install 2.5 hours at MAX


Atwood – Revised Nov 2

Furnace_Trouble_Shooting – added Oct 5 

Trouble_shooting the thermostat

Water Heater Replacement – added Nov 2

Too Hot – added Nov 2

Electric not working on 2008 unit - added Nov 2

Water Heater not igniting- added Nov 2

Basement Air (Dick Arbitron) -   Revised Oct 21

On heat pump mode, both compressors run. Air flow will be the same as air conditioning and temp rise will gradually rise and will be warm but not hot after the unit runs for a few minutes. The amount of temp rise will vary depending on outdoor temp. It is a heat pump (reverse air cond) so it picks up heat from outside air and pumps it to inside.
The gas furnace has a small blower and much lower air flow than the heat pump blowing into the same duct therefore velocity is low and leads u to think things are not right. Let it run. It will heat the coach. U should feel some heated air flow but not powerful.
If the heat pump air is not slightly warm and both compressors are running, u may have a freon problem in one of the circuits. This would affect the cooling performance of the unit also.  The heat pump will cut off when outside air temp goes below 35 to 40 degrees.
Dick Albritton #1154

Battery Configuration – New Balance Load

Batteries – Big Boy Chattering / Clunking / Popping

Battery Issue with Pathmaker

Battery Disconnect - Chassis / Coach

Bathroom Cabinet

Breaking Camp – 2014 – Added Sept 21

CAT Engine will not start – Revised Dec 19

Watch dash gauges and lights. If the Volt gauge does not move check fuse to ECM

CAT Hot-Line 1-877-777-3126

Oil Change
11,000 miles
1st a year
1000 gal of fuel burned.

Charging System – Revised Oct 3

Knife Switches

Inverter/Charger Changed out to Magnum


PATHMAKER Replacement & Conversion from 3 to 2 Relays

Big Boy Relays/Knife Switches & What have you(Pathmaker)

Xantrex Issus?

Captain Chairs

REPLACEMENT CHAIRS scroll to the bottom for “Existing Integrated Seat Belt Seats”
We chose the De Leon style, click it
Our options were the ultimate leather, manual lumbar support and high resilience foam upgrade, for both driver’s and passenger side chair.
For the passenger chair we added the power leg rest & power adapter
For the driver I added the power seat base.
Due to DOT regulations, both seats required new bases, riser and pedestals.
Total cost for both including shipping is 3092.00. Installation is simple -4 bolts.
Delivery is 3 weeks plus 3 days for shipping, California to Arizona
I hope this helps if others want new captain chairs for their rig. Please understand the process is due to liability issues with DOT rules and regulations.

Custom Oak TV Cabinet

Ceiling Fan Mod

Extreme Temperatures - Added Dec 2014

Mod for High Temperatures

Mod for Low Temperatures


Full Body Paint - Added 8/21/2014

Flat TV Upgrade

Flooring Upgrade Da Girls Rv – 2014 – Revised Dec 2104

Freightliner with CAT engine

1-800-FTL-HELP (1-800-385-4357) press 1, , press 1, Updated 8/17/14 Ph # 8-17
VIN 4UZA AHAK 83 C M00564
Air Filter FAR 114810-003-  $60
Freightliner Fuel Filter ABP  N122-S32FRT03Y
Fuel Filter Wix 33783 & Napa 3783 Fuel Filter (CAT)
Water Pump - Gates 9341HD
Serpentine Belt NAPA 25-080702HD
Adding 2nd filter and Pump – Added 8/5
Delco Remi 19020310, I have heard is the CAT replacement, this number 22SI maybe the case P/N. Bosh makes a replacement





Freightliner Gaffney Report - 2013 - Added 8/21/2014

Front TV Oak Trim

Generac – Generator

NAPA Oil-1361, Fuel-3386, Air-6790
Air filter WX-46790
Belt Napa # is 3L610W.
Move the unit over as far to the passenger side as you can.  Remove the bolts along the bottom and back of the side panel.  Open panel out at the bottom and replace belt from the bottom.
This is what I got from AP Electric with free shipping:
Generator Ribbed Belt OC6549A  - $43.05
Generator Green V belt Tensioner Pulley OC9646 - $28.75
Generator Green V Belt - OC5298 - $34.50
Generator Ribbed Belt Tensioner Pulley OC8646 _ 37.00
In Line Fuel Filter - OD8646 - $23.95

Diesel / Problems

Exhaust Pipe


Headlight replacement 2006 - Spyder project

Head Lights - 1997 2000 Ford Explorer > >
Tail Lights - 2000 Ford F150 flairside

Hot water heater recirculation Pump

Inverter/House batteries

KwiKee Levelers – Added 12/3/2014

Document on replacing the Motor solenoid

Main SeeYa Slideout Motor Replacement to AC Motor

New cabinets and TV by Davis Cabinets"

Norcold Refrigerator  - Added 9/28/2014

Direct Link to Norcold File Folder
Inside the folder you will see trouble-shooting along the the Norcold Reset Procedure.
Norcold Mod Reset - Added 10/19/2014

Oil Dip stick calibration for CAT engines – MUST READ AND DO

Radiator Overflow Tank


Residential Refrigerator -2013


Samsung - 19.7 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator - Stainless Platinum

LG - 19.7 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator - Stainless-Steel

Whirlpool – WRF560SEYB00 - 19.6 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Water 

Kitchen Aid - 19.6 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator

Counter depth refrigerator – added 12/3/2014

Frig Other resources

Return Air Vent – Mod

During our Quartzsite rally we held an open coach event. Dean shown us his return vent modification. He located a grille cover at HD and using furring strips made a frame and ripped out his old return vent. This allows additional storage above the bedroom.
I went 1 step further, I located a return vent housing here is Phoenix, cost for the vent $40. You can also order it online for $30 plus shipping. A grille from HD is $20.
I used a utility knife to cut thru the wall. This prevented dust or dirt falling thru to the coils.

Roof Top AC installation Penguin

Solar Panels on 2003 See Ya

Solar – Mods

Solar Links

Trouble_Shooting Link – Added 10/21

Tank Monitor changed out to Sea Level

Trip Planning Web Link – Added Aug 8th

During our travels I found it necessary to locate a way to estimate fuel location and cost for our trips.
I chance to come across this link for Fuel trip Planning

Camping Locations Web Site – Updated – Aug 8th

Rated #1

Rated #2

Rv Parky

Rv Park Reviews

TV upgrade 2003


Camp Freightliner Notes

Gauges - Freightliner

Mike explained that the signals start off as digital, and then are translated into an analog signal. The gauges that are installed are not linear, meaning that needle does not move smoothly. The needle actually moves in a step motion. The accuracy of the gauges can be as much as 10%.

Best Specific Fuel Consumption

Best performance (MPG) rpm range is 1620 to 1670 rpm

CAT Top Engine Limit

The ECM controls the top rpm of the engine, which is 2640 set at the factory, by limiting the fuel to the injectors. The engine does not have a mechanical governor.

CAT Engine Water Temperature Monitoring System

One of the features of the ECM system monitors the temperature of the coolant. At 225 F (1070 C) the "Check Engine" lamp will come ON. At that point the engine will gradually "derate" in horsepower to a minimum of 120 hp, and road speed will gradually reduce to 45 mph. This gives you ample time to get off the road and prevent damage to the engine.

Economy Mode

Pressing the economy mode button will change the shift point from 1750 to 1600 rpm. This will allow the transmission to stay in 6th gear longer.

Engine Fast Idle

The engine is set to idle at 700 rpm by the factory; however, provisions have been made for a fast idle of 1000 rpm.

Engine Radiator

Mike explained that ALL coaches are test driven in 110 degree heat to ensure proper operation. Yes he said coaches.
One area that Alfa and Freightliner had disagreement was the design of the rear radiator door.
Remember this is NOT a car with a radiator up front, where there is large amount of air flow thru the radiator during highway traveling.
In an Alfa the air flow is derived from the following: Speed of the radiator fan and no air restriction.
One mayor area of restriction in early constructions was the radiator louvers. It was not until 2006, that Alfa redesigned the grill to allow a greater increase of air flow. This was accomplished by decreasing the angle and increasing the open space between the louvers. Photos can be provided if asked for.

Exercising Your Engine

Exercising your engine is a personnel decision, however: Start your engine, wait 2 – 3 minutes. Press high idle. Allow to run for 20 – 30 minutes until operating temperature is reached in order to burn off any moisture that has formed in the oil. Exercise the generator at the same time, with and without load.

Loaded Wide Open Throttle (WOT) - Loaded

Locate small hill, set 1st gear, press accelerator to the floor.
The max RPM reach will be WOT @Load.

Wide Open Throttle (WOT) - Unloaded

Set brake, press foot on brake, press accelerator to the floor.
The max RPM reach will be WOT @Noload

Mountain Driving

Maintain RPM range of 2000. This provides maximum fan rotation for air flow. If RPM’s are decreasing, downshift 1 gear to maintain 2000rpm in the mountains.

Rear Mud Flap

Proper location of the mud flap should be at the rear of the radiator. Reason is due to the wind turbulence of the air exiting from the radiator and being re-ingested back into the front of the radiator. Photos can be provided if asked for.

End of Camp Freightliner Notes

Mods to DaGirls Rv

How to Keep your Cool in an Alfa

Being from Arizona, Susan and I learned early on what it meant to cool DaGirls Rv in the summer. One of the biggest thing we loved about our rig was the windows, but the biggest factor in heat, are the big windows.
Our final solution was screens on all the outside windows. Originally we had driver, passenger and front window.  Susan took time out and using solar screen material, she made covers for all the remaining ones. Once completed, we installed snaps on each corner. The next item was to cut reflectix insulation and place between the cover and window. This truly had a big effect on increasing the cooling effect of the AC.
Recently, we learned this trick from Doug about a fan made by Lasko. It is the Lasko Utility Fan Model U15701 or similar. We found ours at Loews for less than $70.
With this fan placed in the correct position, we have kept DaGirls Rv cool easily. For max cooling, we place it so it will push the air to the back, and aim it up. This increases the air flow, but more important it helps the return air vents capture the air to remove the heat.
In traveling, we will run the basement air. We will reposition it during driving, as it will freeze you out of the driver’s compartment. When it gets cool, we then redirect it to the back, thereby reducing the heat in the bedroom compartment.
The key is not to fight the air that is being pulled into the return air vent.
On our list of additions for DaGirls rig is a roof top from Dick. But currently it is not in our budget.

Electrical Mod – adding 2 additional circuit breakers for space heaters # 75678

This is a medium project for most people; it is an easy one for Dick A.

During a stay in Prescott, we experience extremely low temperatures, snow and hooked up to 20amps service. We all know that our heat pumps do not have the ability to heat below a temperature of 40 degrees F. It was during this period, I was wishing I had the capability of running 2 small electric heaters in addition to our propane furnace. So with that in my mind, I review the wiring of our 03SeYa. Now do not get me wrong about the propane furnace, its' a good unit works well, and I even made my own extended stay. But I still like options.

Electrical Diagram
Line A goes to air conditioner (AC) 1, circuit breaker #4
Line B goes to AC 2, circuit breaker #7

Now with this information, I realize that I could install 2 special outlets, one in the living room-kitchen and the other in the bathroom-bedroom area. What does this mod gain me. When I am hooked up to 50amps or 30 amps, temperature is below 40 degrees, I can quickly warm my coach (using the heaters & propane) and then throttle back to using 1 , 2 or a combination of all 3 units. If boon-docking, when temperatures go south or low in our case in Prescott, we can use the generator.
Replace the current single (AC) breaker with a dual breaker. With the
replacement, I have Line A going to the AC 1 AND special outlet. Line B is going to AC 2 and special outlet.
2 – dual circuit breakers
2 – outlet boxes
2 – strain relief for cable run to circuit breaker panel
2 – covers
2 – 20amp outlets
24 ft 12-2 cable.




Replacement of your Alfa Slide Out Seals

03 came with "P" seal on both sides, slide flange and rig side.
Talking with Dick A. he says they are using "D" seal on the slide flange side. Does make in easier.
"P" seal SD 269-T
"D" seal SD 313-T (.750) or SD-213-T (1.00)

Approximately 65’ of P and 80’ of D.  This is for the 40’ coach with the large living room slide and the wardrobe slide in the bedroom. 2003 SeYa unit

I believe I need to stress the cleaning of residual adhesive. Even when I thought it was clean I still remove additional adhesive. Now I know I will not get 100% of it removed, but I will be prepared for it. I ended up using brake-cleaner from NAPA, they had Mac’s 4700 on sale 3.29 18oz size. This along with the knife and a rag did an excellent job.

Circuit #7 fuse (20Amp) Appliances - Electrical

Drawing # 621004-1 revision date 4/14/04 Included relocated components for 2005 chassis

#10 Orange Fuse Panel to Furnace
#12 Black Furnace to 12 vdc receptacle in rear wall
#12 Black Furnace to Dump Valves
#12 Black Dump Valves to 12 vdc receptacle in trunk
#12 Black 12 vdc receptacle in trunk to refer ignition
#12 Black refer ignition to range ignition
#12 Black range ignition to 12 vdc receptacle in galley
#12 Black Dump Valves to Monitor panel
#12 Black Monitor panel to 12 vdc receptacle in dash
#16 Black Monitor panel to T-Stat
#16 Black Monitor panel to Co Detector
#16 Black Monitor panel to Water heater switch (jumper)
#16 Blue W/H switch to water heater
#16 yellow W/H switch to water heater
#16 Orange W/H switch to water heater
#16 Yellow Monitor panel to water pump
#16 Purple T-Stat to Furnace
#16 Red monitor panel to fresh water tank
#16 Brown monitor panel to brown water tank
#16 Black monitor panel to black water tank
#16 Green monitor panel to LP gauge

Shore Power AC trouble_shooting

How to troubleshooting AC circuits, AC not to be confused with Air Conditioner. 
A prerequisite is a diagram/layout and a good volt ohm meter (VOM) and take precaution when working with AC voltage. Most problems can be solved with simple measurement along the AC path.
The starting point is the shore power supply:
Measure 110 +/- 10 volts at the plug to neutral.
Main circuit breaker panel:
Measure 110 +/- 10 volts going to the main breaker from ATS (this is the lead connected to the terminals).
Measure 110 +/- 10 volts leading from 2 opposing breakers, I would select air conditioner #1 and #2 breaker (leads connected to the terminals).
Measure 110 +/- 10 volts leading from circuit breaker #8 to Inverter/Charger (Inv/Chg) again the lead connected to the terminal.
This simple measure above allows verification of both the shore and generator power, thus checking the auto transfer switch (ATS).
The next verification measurement will verify the operation and the internal ATS of the Inv/Chg.
Using the RC7 as a trouble meter, you can verify AC and DC voltage.
The first step is verifying AC voltage. Does the RC7 show charging, this can be verify by looking at the voltage and current the Inv/Chg is producing.
Next opening Circuit Breaker panel #2 measure AC voltage going into the main circuit breaker: This verifies the feed thru (internal ATS)of the Inv/Chg.
Next placing the Inverter/Charger to Inverter mode repeat the above step.
Any reading that does not show 110+- 10 Vac will point to the previous item, I should point out measuring AC voltage when the Inv/Chg is inverting, will not show 110+/- 10 volts. As long as it is above 90 VAC it is good. This is caused by the VOM not being a true RMS meter.
Anyone wishing a diagram layout that was used most Alfa can contact me. I recommend that you locate a place that can print a size of 24 x 32.
I hope this helps in trouble-shooting AC problems. As always, all of us should strive to help each member of the group and can be emailed or called by cell phone.

DC Trouble_shooting Techniques

Most of the Knife switches in the 2003 SeeYa, were mis-labeled (backwards).
1)    Do you have the RC 7 (RV2012)  or the Freedom 458 with standard panel
2)   If you have the RC7 Display, switch the display into “Meter” mode:
a.    While watching the display, Press the Up arrow for 5 seconds (Series of Beeps) and then release when the display changes.
b.    Press the down Arrow to scroll thru the display

Figure 2
Figure 3

3)  Note the Location of the Xantrex - Drivers or Passenger side.
4)  Measure the DC voltage at the batteries select a good frame ground for the Neg (Black) meter lead and place the Positive (Red) on the battery positive post.
5)   You have six batteries in the front. Measure and write down in this order, Left to right (Passenger to Driver).
Measuring from the Battery Post (+) to Frame Ground (-):
a)    ?
b)   ?
c)    ?
d)   ?
e)    ?
f)    ?

Group Sites for Alfa Owners

Alfaseeya Yahoo Group Site

SeeYaDP Yahoo Group Site

See Ya Travels

Alfa Chapter Yahoo Group Sites

Roadrunners Yahoo Group Site Members Only

Alfa Chapters – Not to be confused with Alfa Owners Club Chapter


President - Arnie Burr

South Loafers

President:  Judy Sabol

Sun Seekers

President - Jon King

Alfa SeeYas

President - Randy Scott

Sun Risers

President - John Croes,


President - Dale Prichard


President - Bill Ratterree

Alfa One  - LA and surrounding area.

President - John Reay


Topics to be included

If you know of a specific Topic/Message that has been posted in the pass within this Group that should be included within this Topic/Post, please email me at, and I will include the message (msg) number and / or a link to that topic.

Requirements for Seeking Help to get the Required Response and Help
Name, Model, Year and Alfa VINumber begining with a 7
If this is an Emergency and you are Stuck on the Highway/Road CALL 911 and then call your Roadside Assistance.
Non-Emergency, Sit Back, have a cup of coffee, soft drink, or water.
Think what were you doing when the event occurred.
Is it a coach (house) or Rig (Chassis) issue
Be specific of the events leading up to the event.
Have a check list handy as to items to look at
Battery Disconnect Switch over Door
Auxiliary Start Switch
Knife Switches within compartment
RC7 is it in Meter Mode, What does the Display Read.
Appliance Fuse (#7) 20Amp orange wire and terminal
Circuit Breaker on Generator
Run on Shore power or generator only
Check Shore Power pedestal
Check Surge Guard if Applicable.
Path-maker – Reset to Default Condition
Is the Xantrex set to the Correct Shore Power Pedestal?
Once you have access the situation Contact Alfa forums, Email, or contact Freightliner Hotline.

Infected PC Added 8/17/14

Then as I was still receiving requests I sent an email to following. This seem to have stopped everything
Send an email to (no need to include a subject or body, a blank email will suffice). 

Wiper Arms – Cleveland Ignition Added 8/17/14

There have been many questions concerning the Wiper Arm Assembly.
To start off.
The assembly comes complete from Cleveland Ignition. The motor has built in limit switch, meaning it always stops in the same place and cannot be adjusted.
Second it is best to use 24 Inch wiper blades.
Next originally Alfa made a mistake with the "Z" bracket, so some units require the replacement of it. This caused most of the overlap.
The new center link is part number H4W7, and the distance between the hole and slot is approximately
3/16” less then the original. Item 23 in the photo.
To adjust the wiper arms, the nut connecting the "Z" bracket to the motor shaft/adapter needs to be removed.
Next move the wiper arms to the center of the windshield. All it takes is moving 1 arm, since they are connected together.
Reconnect the nut and you are done.
If you have removed an arm, this is a good time to make sure they are equal or in the same position.
The most difficult part is SIZE, you must be able to fit inside the hood. And have enough flexibility to do the job.

Slide Problems Added 8/17/14

The first step in trouble-shooting a slide problem is to identified the following:
Living room slide, End motor or Center Motor.
End motor = a fast extend and retract
Center Motor = slow extend and retract (45 Seconds).
Bedroom slide, no change in motors over the years.
Next if the problem is one or the other:
Extends does not retract.
Retract does not extend.
Locate the motor wire leads: Using a volt meter measure the voltage as the switch is operated. This will at least identify whether or not voltage is present when operating the switch.
Once you have identified if voltage is present in one direction and not the other. The issue is now to identify the year and model of coach.
2002 to some 2003
Bedrooms slides did not have relays.
Somewhere in 2003 Alfa started to install relays.
2002 to some 2004 and 05
Living room slides relays were very large relays controlled by a small black relay to them.
Next a change in relay size came about when the factory started installing the center slide motor. At that time they went to the small black relays due to the motor was only 10amps max load.
Once you have identified whether you have a voltage or mechanical problem, it will then will make it easier to perform a final trouble-shooting procedure.
Further explanation for slide motor relays:
If your coach came with the end slide motor, then you will have 3 large relays (LR), with 2 small relays (SR) next to them. The reason for the LR was the original motor drew 30 amps at max load. Once the center drive system was implemented at the factory, they went to the small black relays, less current was required (10amps).
This is the order of the relays:
LR #1 = Power to LR 2 & 3
LR #2 = Extend
LR #3 = Retract
SR #1 = Driver relay to LR1
SR #2 = Driver relay to bedroom slide motor

In addition most early units have a switch over the door which turns on the 2 SR's. This switch is required to be only on when extending or retracting the slide. If you leave it "ON" all the time you can experience a premature failure of the SR.